Owned by the City of Sioux Center, the Terrace View Event Center was completed in 2012 to provide the communities of Northwest Iowa a state-of-the-art facility to host a variety of events while encouraging growth of the economies of Sioux Center, Iowa.

In 2006, the vision of an event center in Sioux Center began during the construction of the neighboring Holiday Inn Express. The idea was to attach an Event Hall to the Holiday Inn, but a decision for a larger stand-alone facility followed.

An Event Center Committee formed to assess the need, to gain support from the community and to raise funds for the building. Over the life of the project, committee members consisted of Mary Bleeker, Henry Byl, Paul Clousing, Larry Den Herder, Dennis Dokter, Denise Harrison, Darryl Ten Pass, Brad Van Schouwen, Alex Van Voorst, and Jenn Vermeer.

The project received approval in 2010, and the city awarded the design of the project to FEH Associates of Sioux City, Iowa and the construction to M&D Construction of Sheldon, Iowa. City officials teamed with the architect Toi Sullivan and general contractor Dan Klein to design a LEED approved building and make the vision of an event center in Sioux Center a reality.

Construction commenced in March of 2011 adhering to LEED requirements. Progressing through a fortunately dry summer and fall allowed for complete enclosure of the facility and completion of the concrete work by Rens Concrete before the first snow storm in December. Meanwhile, the city assigned a local private operating group to run and manage the facility and research and preparation for the operations of the Event Center began.

Event Center Management collaborated with the Event Center Committee to implement a naming contest and thereafter select a logo. The Committee proposed the name Terrace View Event Center, submitted by Lola Beyer, to the City Council who approved the name for the facility. Ashley Huisman designed the current logo as a Dordt College graphic design student, with assistance from classmate Jordan Edens on other design elements.

Following the New Year, the website launched with design and implementation by Brand New Web & Creative Development of Sioux Center and the Terrace View Event Center finalized reservations for beyond the May 2012 opening date. The interior construction of the facility progressed with local companies helping to move the project along—Walstra Plumbing and Heating, Ten Kredit Electric, Ymker Insulation, Amani, and Premier Communications.

The Terrace View Event Center opened May 1, 2012, and fulfills the vision for an event facility in Sioux Center, Iowa.

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